Concrete Soldiers

My name is Leon Tyler and Concrete Soldiers is my ongoing body of work. I’m a street/documentary photographer from London, England. I’ve been shooting this city for roughly 8 years and have captured everything from the quaint and bizarre to aggressively political. I believe that my work represents my keen interest in how tightly woven people and the city around them are. We’re intrinsically tied to these sprawling urban spaces that we inhabit and in turn the cities themselves are adept at accommodating us. Each city has a character and personality that reflects in us, the people who inhabit it and I find it fascinating to watch the occasional power struggle between us. 

Over the years I feel grateful to have had my photographs featured by Getty Reportage, Fujifilm UK, Olympus UK and Digital Camera World. These highlights have been my inspiration to begin creating photography articles which I host here on my website. 

I believe my own style has been inspired from my love of viewing the work of photographers such as Boogie, Dylan Maddux, Jamel Shabazz and Martin Parr. Each of these photographers offer a different style and approach to photography that I like to try and capture in my own images. Over the next few years I intend to work towards lifestyle photography. I’m currently looking for cool Londoners who express their passion through interesting activities. If this is you, or you know somebody who would like to collaborate then please get in touch!

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. For collaborations, commissions or articles please contact me through the message form on this page.

Stay fly… Leon aka Concrete Soldiers

Leon Tyler - London, UK

Leon Tyler - London, UK

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