I shoot street. It was never the plan. I wanted to take photographs of really fucking cool people with guns and drugs, gang kids, B-boys, skaters and street style. I love the work of people like Boogie and Dylan Maddux, but unfortunately I’ve not found myself with the time to dedicate to documenting these yet. I have, however, found a love of shooting the everyday world around me. 

It was moving to London five years ago that I realised how vibrant city life could be. Everything is fascinating. Most obviously are the miserable commuters, drunk people at lunch time, crime, crowds and heavy police presence. But beyond these are beautiful moments of affection or the wonder of obscurity. 

Everyday now I have a camera slung across my body. Street Photography has become a blurred line between passion and obsession

Shooting London will be a love of mine as long as I live here. I adore this city. Recently I’ve found a new love for travelling and plan to document each country I visit in my own observational street style. If you’ve read this far then I’d like you to know that I really, genuinely appreciate you visiting and looking at my photographs. I spend so much time shooting and learning, and the images you see here are the result of years and years of practice and hard work. So thank you for your visit, I really hope that you enjoyed looking at my photos and I always enjoy reading messages from visitors. 

Until next time

Stay fly

Leon (aka Concrete Soldiers)

Oh, and please don't use any of the images on my portfolio without emailing me to request permission first. I'm pretty cool with most stuff but stealing peoples work would make you a dickhead!

Leon Tyler (aka Concrete Soldiers) - London, UK

Leon Tyler (aka Concrete Soldiers) - London, UK

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