Another big challenge for the game was that we didn’t want to hold the players hand or to force them into actions that would progress the story forward, neither did we want a win/lose state like a traditional game. Cardio is all about simply enjoying the experience of being a doctor and having X-ray vision. We always wanted the player to have a complete freedom of view, so developed a control method that encourages the player to look exactly where we want them at any time. We designed iconography and used location based sound design to guide the player through our experience with cues rather than force. It took a lot of consideration to make it work but from testing we’re happy that most players have no difficulty in progressing from launching the app into looking at peoples insides without the use of a traditional user interface or buttons. 
 Another very important factor in the design of this game was to be sensitive around current social topics. We wanted to offer a game experience that was completely gender neutral, a place for both boys and girls of all ages to enjoy without discrimination. It was also designed for each patient to represent an open-mindedness that any ethnicity or gender can be whoever they want to be in life. If any product is offered to a younger audience then it’s incredibly important that we offer an intellectually safe environment for them to play in. I spent a lot of my time growing up watching Sesame Street and I think those colourful little guys left a lasting message with me.
 We’re not sure how unique Cardio is but we tried very hard to create a VR product that wasn’t catered to tech geeks (like us) sitting around with expensive hardware. A lot of VR I have played has been catered towards wowing technology people, so we wanted to push how technologically clever it is to the side and just produce a really fun experience. We don’t want to claim we’re the only people with this audience in mind but we’re proud to be sitting among other creatives and developers who are also working hard to create experiences for families to enjoy while trying to evolve the possibilities in virtual reality. 
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