The best trailers of E3 2016

If you’re looking at my website then you’re probably the kind of person who has heard of E3. That’s because if you’re looking at my website then you’re likely one of my friends giving me pity traffic (thank you, all. I appreciate that.) and probably see me ranting about the art of video games on a regular basis over on Facebook. If, however, you’re here by chance and have no idea what E3 is then let me tell you…

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is like christmas morning for grown up, video game loving nerds. 

It’s actually a really boring concept. A trade show for multi-million dollar businesses to try and sell their new software. BUT, this has also become a gladiatorial pit where we, the video game loving public get to watch these companies try to outdo each other to become the Best Show of E3!

Look, long story short (too late). They spend a shit load of money on trailers, gameplay videos and showboating. This blog post is to select my favourite trailers of E3.  “A blog post about adverts. Sounds boring.” Wrong! These are creatively brilliant for different reasons… and probably cost somebody, somewhere a shit load of money to produce.

So, in a very particular order…


1: Death Stranding

Look, this trailer is simply incredible. What the hell is going on?! Why is everything dead? Why are those people in the sky? Why was he attached by a mechanical umbilical cord to a disappearing baby and why was his stomach stitched up? WHY EVERYTHING?! Its stunning to look at, has an intriguingly mysterious theme, sounds absolutely great and is running in realtime from the hardware. It’s the ultimate E3 trailer for 2016 (ever?)

It helps to know that Kojima is a legend in the industry. He’s completely fucking sideways but in a wonderful “creative genius” kinda way. Not only does he direct fantastic mood-piece trailers but packs them full of teases as to what the hell is happening. (see here for interesting theories)

2: Halo Wars 2

Okay, in the video game realm this style of trailer is a bit cliched. That’s fair. Space marine battles. Things blowing up in slow motion. Moody epic soundtrack. But very rarely are they produced to this level. The pacing of this trailer is superb. The gradual ease of destruction as the scene is set into full scale war builds with a lot of tension. But that would be nothing without the two commanders strolling through the world in a dream-like state. That moment when beast glides his hand down a missile frozen in time simply cuts through the atmosphere like a knife. This is some impressive shit!

3: Battlefield 1

The cinematic quality, the lighting, the moment those bi-planes fly into war! This trailer is packed with beautiful moments that make war look incredibly enjoyable. I love the pace of this trailer. The energy constantly pumping it forward. No shots linger. Just look how colourful and fun war is! 


Well that was odd. What the hell was going on there? What’s in that room? Here, let me try to give you a little more context. This is what they showed us back at E3 2014… 

HA! Nothing! I love these trailers. They’re creepy. The muted colours and imposing sound effects build a dank, oppressive atmosphere. I love the tease that something incredibly eerie is going down in this place. I don’t know about you, but these trailers leave me craving to find out more. Great trailers.

5: Prey

Poor Morgan. Things are not looking good. Not only is he living the same routine day after day and not only is he some form of test subject, but even worse it appears as if shit is about to hit the fan in a very alien, very catastrophic way. I love the mood setting before the alien attack. I love the terrifying aliens manipulating their forms when approaching Morgan. But most of all I love the science fiction twist at the end. The glitching mirror and Morgan warning himself that things are about to get a whole lot worse. Great sci-fi story telling.