F&F fashion videography

I've fallen in love with a kind of fashion brand advertising. I've always been fond of how a lot of fashion presents itself. It can be fresh, energetic and youthful. Fashion advertising uses beautiful people looking fabulous and often with punchy, vibrant and sophisticated colour palettes. But recently I've been fascinated with how a few brands are using their TV advertising space. I've seen some great adverts from Primark, H&M and M&S, yet it's F&F who are really doing it for me at the moment. Their adverts are simply presented as fashion photography shoots but in moving images. I can't believe how much cooler this makes fashion photography (videography, I guess). A still image of a person looking stylish is cool. But a moving image of somebody looking stylish and moving stylishly accompanied by a great soundtrack and tight editing is fucking next level. These adverts are really tempting me into trying some out for myself.