The art of video

I've always been fascinated in video. I've shot and edited a few videos before but never tried to really push the medium in any meaningful way. Hopefully one day I'll come up with an interesting concept and my journey will begin, but until then I'll forever be researching other artists. 

With this post I've put together a quick showcase of video art that has been playing on my mind right now. I believe that video art demands a certain level of investment from the viewer. Unlike a lot of traditional art forms video runs along a predetermined viewing time and more often than not needs to be appreciated in one sitting. A lot of video also leans quite heavily on its soundtrack. I implore you to put a few minutes aside to appreciate these and especially for the last two videos use headphones.

Seconds Of Beauty

A showcase of how powerful video can be even when the artist is restricted in time. This compilation shows a series of moments lasting only one second each. The emotion some of these clips express is incredible considering the length of time we're allowed to witness the scene.

Night Stroll

This video shows an artist who has a great eye for urban streets and composition, and who has taken a beautifully simple concept then perfected its execution. Through use of handheld camera shots and some incredible lighting composition tricks they've managed to make this video seem very real and playful. 

Static No.12 (Seek stillness in movement)

Now we're into some real 'art' territory. Please put your headphones in, sit back and relax. This video is by an extremely talented video artist named Daniel Crooks. The scene is simple yet beautiful, an elderly gentleman practising Tai Chi. But then Daniel begins to manipulate the video and the true expressive beauty of this piece is revealed. The video author does not allow embedding but you can view it here

An Embroidery Of Voids

Another piece by Daniel Crooks. With a running time of 9:35 minutes it's an investment of your time and at first you may find it's pace confusingly slow. But very soon the cleverness of Daniels creative editing once again becomes clear and the art of the video reveals itself. This ambient video is a wealth of urban exploration compressed into a fascinating 10 minute journey. Make sure you're wearing headphones!