Leon Tyler is an evil genius. He once created a robot large enough to crush a Japanese city. Unfortunately batteries haven’t advanced as quickly as technology and it’s still hidden in his secret hideout waiting to be unleashed. 

Leon Tyler also fabricates creative stories. Sometimes for brands, sometimes for games and sometimes simply because the world is a little bit grey. Especially here in London.

Creating digital content is one of Leon’s favourite things to do. He has a fascination with digital technology products that portray childlike innocence, often with a sprinkling of humour. There’s also this burning desire to make things that matter. He hated school more than anything. Then he hated college. He also hated most of the shitty jobs he had like, washing hospital laundry or emptying factory bins. 

Do you want to spend the rest of your life pushing trolly’s around Tesco carpark?” - Leon’s mum.

Luckily there are things Leon didn’t hate. Things like video games, computers, art and Sesame Street. It appears as if Leon’s ambitions is to combine these elements to create a super-thing that’s probably going to be awesome. All of these projects you see on the website have taken a lot of time and effort to get where they are, but whatever this super-thing ends up being is going to blow your mind! You'll see.

So thank you for looking at my work. I really appreciate your kind words. You have said some kind words about my work, right? If you want to chat, then drop me a message. If it’s boring I’ll probably ignore it. Good messages always get a reply.

Thanks and stay fly.


Oh yeah, I've won awards for stuff, won some photography competitions, been published in a few magazines, on creative blogs, blah blah blah...

 Leon Tyler. London, UK

Leon Tyler. London, UK

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